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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Stomatitis

Stomatitis is a medical condition in which there is recurrent inflammation and ulceration of the mucosa in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene, burns due to hot foodstuffs, allergic reactions to food or medication, nutritional deficiencies, and infections can cause stomatitis, which is of two types, acute and chronic. Apthous ulcer is another known type which is recurrent and quite bothersome to affected individuals. The modern management of stomatitis usually depends upon the cause for the condition and involves the use of oral antiseptic mouthwashes, treatment of infection, and supplementation of vitamins.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment for stomatitis involves the use of herbal medicines which build up the resistance of the oral mucosa as well as heal the inflammation and ulceration present in the mouth. Oral medication is used to treat the stomatitis as well as to treat infection, and provide nutritional supplementation as well as improve resistance which can be both general as well as local. In order to bring about an early relief from symptoms, local application of medicated pastes and liquids can be used. Local applications control infection, treat inflammation, and help the ulcers in the mouth to heal quickly.

Most individuals affected with recurrent stomatitis, especially apthous ulcers also need additional medicines to treat gastrointestinal disorders, especially infection and hyperacidity problems. Simultaneous treatment of stomatitis along with these intestinal problems brings about an early resolution of stomatitis and also prevents recurrence. Depending upon the type of stomatitis, its severity, and other associated medical conditions, individuals affected with this problem require treatment for periods ranging from two weeks to about four months, in order to completely heal the problem and prevent recurrence of the condition. Adequate attention needs to be given to any known causes for the condition, while lifestyle changes as well as changes in food habits also need to be undertaken in order to prevent a recurrence or aggravation of this condition.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment can thus be judiciously utilised in the management and treatment of stomatitis.

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