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You can start treatment in the following manner:

1) Please use the "Contact Us" form given at the bottom of each page on this website for any query that you have.

Kindly note that - since we receive a large amount of daily mail - we reserve the right to answer only those queries that are relevant to, or are consistent with, our treatment objectives. Please note that we do not give free treatment advice; we do not offer an opinion on treatment by third parties; and we do not support or endorse self-medication by patients, especially for serious health problems. We will also not reply to anonymous queries.

Please submit your correct e-mail i. d. and double-check it; about 5% of our web-mail answers bounce because of incorrectly submitted e-mail i. d. s. Please also check your bulk folder for our reply.


2) Our current treatment cost ranges from Indian Rupees 1500/= to 25,000/= per month both for children as well as for adults. This wide range in treatment cost is due to the considerable variation seen in the presentation, chronicity and severity of symptoms, and the associated complications. Because of this, treatment costs vary considerably from patient to patient. However, in this website, we have tried to provide standardised treatment packages for a few select diseases where we could achieve very good results with Ayurvedic treatment, even for very refractory medical issues. Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice. If your medical condition is not included here, or you have a combination of medical conditions, please send us a detailed medical history along with all relevant medical reports, and we will give you a cost estimate for an Ayurvedic treatment protocol specifically  tailor-made for you. You can send the details on or on our Mumbai local Whats App number 00 - 91- 8108358858.

For chronic medical conditions, we usually provide medicines for 2 or 3 months at a time; this allows the patient some time to see changes with treatment and give us an accurate update for further treatment decisions. Where an earlier assessment is required, or the patient is seriously ill, we provide medicines for 1 month at a time.


3) Patients residing abroad can expect a 25% increase in treatment costs due to increased documentation and packing costs. We also add appropriate shipping costs for Speed Post or Private Courier. The overall cost may exceed 40-50 % of local treatment costs, since shipping costs are increasing day-by-day.


4) International clients should note that a treatment prescription is provided so as to meet international shipping requirements, and to avoid delays in Customs and security checks. Please do not misuse the prescriptions for self-medication. All patients require regular follow-up and periodical assessments, with appropriate and timely treatment modifications, so as to get the maximum possible benefit from treatment.
Periodical rotation of medicines is necessary both to maintain a positive therapeutic effect as well as to avoid possible side effects of medications. Patients (both local as well as from abroad) are frequently unaware of this and – by resorting to self-medication – expose themselves to a failure of treatment as well as unnecessary side-effects of treatment.


5) Local patients residing in India can pay by NEFT or by direct cash payment into our Bank account at any local branch of that Bank. Kindly contact us for details. Payment can also be made by cheque/DD made out in the name of Dr. AbdulMubeen A Mundewadi, payable at Thane; ( this option may be time consuming) this should be sent by courier to the address for correspondence given at the bottom of the “Contact Us” section. Online payment options are provided with each listed disease. Please choose the Domestic option for clients residing within India.


6) Patients from abroad can make payment by International Bank Transfer, credit card, PayPal, or by Western Union Money Transfer. Online payment options are provided with each listed disease. Please select the International option for getting your customised payment amount.


7) International clients who wish to pay by Western Union Money Transfer can make payment in the name of AbdulMubeen A. Mundewadi, payable at INDIA. After making your payment, please send us the following details:
1) The MTCN number 2) Name of the person making the payment 3) Place from where payment made and 4) The amount and currency. This option is available in select countries only and is usually accepted from Indians residing abroad (person making the payment should have an Indian-sounding name).
Clients with a PayPal account can also directly pay into our PayPal account at;this amount should be in US dollars; you can do so after converting the payable amount from Indian Rupees to USD.


8) Patients desiring treatment for HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney failure, heart disease, and other diseases with a known serious or fatal outcome will need to sign a “Consent Form” before commencing treatment.


9) Once your payment is confirmed, we will dispatch your medicines to you.


10) Ensure that you have given a detailed and correct address for delivery of medicines.


11) You will have to pay any additional taxes/ duty etc. if applicable in your country.


12) After dispatch of medicines (about which we shall inform you) you should get the medicines within 3 – 5 days in India, and within 5 – 20 days outside India.


13) We accept no responsibility for delays occurring in transit, or due to the import policies and customs regulations of different countries.


14) An order once placed, cannot be cancelled. For exceptional circumstances (e.g. sudden death of patient), we need to get our medicines returned in good and usable condition, after which a refund will be effected after deducting 30 % administrative expenses. Return will be at the cost of the client. Capsules and powders do not qualify for a refund. Local courier charges, international shipping costs incurred, and documentation and handling charges also will not be refunded. Even in case of exceptional circumstances, a refund will be considered only within 10 days from delivery of the medicines. The decision taken by staff of Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic in this respect will be final and binding on all clients.

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