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Testimonials (page 2):

11) “My testimonial on how the lichen planus healed with ayurvedic treatments I got from Dr. Mundewadi: I was diagnosed with lichen planus in March 2009. It spread rapidly all over my body and my dermatologist prescribed Protopic and PUVA treatments. I wanted a treatment that would go beyond just curing the symptoms. Before I came upon this website, I also sought the opinion of a naturopath, who did a food allergy testing, and I was found to have a moderate food allergy to milk, wheat, egg-whites and almonds. I changed my diet, and though the itching was reduced with my new diet, I still had lichen planus. And as I was searching online I came upon this website, and had the medicines shipped to Canada (where I live). I was prescribed 5 different types of medications, and taking all the 5 according to the prescription increased my itch at first: Then I started taking one tablet for one week, included the second one for the second week, and before I got to include all the 5 tablets I noticed that two of them were the most effective, and within one month my symptoms completely disappeared, and all I have now is fading pigmentation. My skin is very smooth again! I do get a very mild itch on my shins occasionally, and I suspect that this happens when I eat mushrooms. Being of a science background, and a bit of a skeptic, I also researched about the herbs listed in the medications, as I wanted to know if there were going to be any side-effects. All the sources I read for each herb said there were no side-effects, and I felt safe about taking them. I am glad I did not stay skeptical about herbal medications. I thank God, Dr. Mundewadi for this awesome website and his medications that work, and my very supportive husband who calmed me through my distressful days of lichen planus. ”

Mona A, 45 years, Canada

12) “We had consulted numerous doctors for treatment of my mother’s Temporal Arteritis which sometimes took serious turns to hospitalization. We were told that she would be dependent on steroids for the rest of her life. Today, after taking treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic, she is 80-90% independent of the same. ”

Abhijit Hati, Son of Kalyani Hati, 70 years, New Delhi, India

13) “Dear Dr Mundewadi, I really think your Ayurvedic medicine has saved me: last December 2010, I was taken to hospital for atrial fibrillation and given some medicine, multaq, which made me very weak, I could not have any activity, just go from bed to my armchair, and back to bed.I turned to Ayurvedic medicine, and Dr Mundewadi sent me his medication for atrial fibrillation; by that time I had stopped taking multaq because of its side effects and replaced it with a beta-blocker. I took the Ayurvedic medicine as well as the beta-blocker for 3 months, and at the end of May, went to my cardiologist who could not find any sign of atrial fibrillation; he told me to stop my beta-blocker and everything is fine, I am only taking warfarin and if all goes well, I will stop it in 6 months. I think it is a pity Ayurvedic medicine is not well known outside India; I think Indian doctors should make their medicine known all over the world. ”

F.L.H, 75 years, France

14) “Since late 2010, I was suffering from Behcet's disease, which is a rare auto-immune disorder, with skin and mucous membrane rash and ulcers. I so far did not have any involvement of the eye. I approached several physicians for treatment, but they had nothing to offer as treatment other than steroids. I tried Ayurvedic treatment from one physician, but did not get satisfactory results. I then approached Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic. I am happy to say that after just 4 months of treatment, all my symptoms have disappeared, my ESR has come down from nearly 115 to normal, and I have finally put on some weight after several years of being underweight, weak and thin. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Mundewadi and his Ayurvedic treatment for giving me such good results. ”

H.K. , 36 years, Vikhroli, Mumbai, INDIA

15) “I took Ayurvedic treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic in 2010 for chalazion, which was not responding to conventional treatment. I was completely cured with one month's treatment. I thank Dr. Mundewadi for giving me relief from this condition. ”

N. M. , 26 years, Bahrain

16) “My brother suffered from HIV/AIDS in the year 2003 and was admitted to the local Municipal Hospital in a very advanced state of the disease, with a CD4 cell count of just 4, and multiple complications like Tuberculosis and Nervous system involvement. His condition gradually started deteriorating and the hospital authorities were unable to help him improve. We brought him home, after which he started slipping into a comatose state. At the recommendation of some neighbors, we took him to Dr. Mundewadi for Ayurvedic treatment. He gave us some Ayurvedic medicines which were to be powdered and rubbed onto the patient's gums after mixing with honey. We were pleasantly surprised when my brother regained consciousness in 2 days. We continued the medicines by mouth, after which the patient started recovering steadily, and started moving about normally. Dr. Mundewadi advised him to take modern treatment for Tuberculosis concurrently with Ayurvedic treatment. My brother was completely normal for the next 2 years. Unfortunately, at this stage, he resumed his old vices of drinking alcohol heavily and smoking continuously, as well as disregarding treatment. At this stage, with severe financial constraints, we were forced to stop all his treatment, since he was in no position to appreciate our efforts. His condition started sliding rapidly, and he expired after 3 months. I am grateful to Dr. Mundewadi and his Ayurvedic treatment because of which my brother was alive and well for more than two years, even though he was having advanced HIV/AIDS, especially when hospital treatment could not benefit him. ”

D.H.D. (patient's brother), 22 years, Reti-Bunder, Mumbra, Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA.Translated from Marathi

17) “My wife aged 32 years suffered from second degree prolapse of the vagina in the year 2004, after going through three deliveries. We were reluctant to go in for surgery, and hence approached Dr. Mundewadi at Mundewadi Ayurvedic clinic for treatment. I am happy to say that my wife recovered completely after just one month of Ayurvedic treatment. ”

S. K. B. (Husband), 32 years, Anjur-Diwa, Bhiwandi, Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA.

18) “My son, aged 4 years, has Down’s syndrome with Congenital Dysmorphism. He had severe speech limitation and inability to recognize colors. After taking treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic for 15 months, he has made considerable improvement in his speech and visual perception. ”

RSN, 4 years, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

19) “My wife, aged 40 years, has Huntington’s disease (Chorea). She had uncontrolled movements, unclear speech, depression, disturbed sensation of feet, and severe behavioural disturbance. After taking treatment for 8 months from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic, she has made considerable progress and overall, she is quite well. ”

DDB, 40 years, Jabalpur, MP, India.

20) “Our son, aged 2 years, has Heamophilia A, because of which he has severe bleeding even with mild trauma, requiring transfusion. We took Ayurvedic treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic for 3 months, after which all the discolored spots on his body disappeared, and he did not require any transfusions even with good physical activity. ”

AAS, 2 years, Silvassa, Dadra Nagar Haveli, India.

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