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Testimonials (page 11):

101) “I used to get weals on my skin even with very mild pressure, and was diagnosed as having Dermographism, in 2010. Skin specialists assured me this condition was not serious; however, I used to find this very distressing. I contacted Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic for treatment. For the first two months, there was no appreciable difference; however, my skin sensitivity gradually started reducing. After 9 months of treatment, the condition was completely in control. ”

BK, 32 years, California, USA.

102)  “I was diagnosed as having derealization and depression in 2006. I used to have repetitive thoughts, continuous songs playing in my mind, and a feeling of detachment from my body as well as from my surroundings. I was successfully treated by a psychiatrist with medicines. However, the condition relapsed in 2011; this time around, anti-psychotic medicines failed to help me. I tried Ayurvedic treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic. This treatment has helped improve my symptoms considerably, and though I cannot say I am completely cured, I am definitely able to carry on my life and daily activities at a much better level, and I do not feel the need for psychiatric treatment. ”

LK, 24 years, Mumbai, INDIA.

103) “Since the last 2 years, my wife was having weakness in the hands and legs; initially this was mild, but later gradually started increasing. She also developed a few rashes on the skin. Doctors diagnosed her condition as dermatomyositis. We were recommended treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic by a friend. After eight months of treatment, my wife reported nearly 70 % reduction in her symptoms. ”

PP, 0 years, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA.

104) “I had eczema on both my feet since nearly 14 years. I was curious to see whether Ayurvedic treatment could help with my problem and visited Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic in April, 2014. I was pleasantly surprised when my chronic skin condition resolved completely with just 4 months of oral treatment and 2 sessions of bloodletting. ”

AK, 44 years, Andheri, Mumbai, INDIA.

105) “At the fag end of a long career of driving a heavy vehicle, in 2012, I developed a frozen shoulder on my left side. I was unable to lift or turn my left arm, and this was causing serious problems with my driving, so much so that I was considering taking early retirement. As a last resort, I started Ayurvedic treatment from Dr A A Mundewadi. I obtained complete relief after 5 months of treatment, and, after 5 years, continue to be symptom free. ”

GS, 59 years, Reti Bunder, Mumbra, Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA.

106) “In October 2014, I developed severe weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. I was diagnosed as having hepatitis B. My symptoms did not subside even after taking treatment from several doctors. After taking Ayurvedic treatment from Dr A A Mundewadi for 4 months, I obtained complete relief from all my symptoms. ”

MK, 30 years, Reti Bunder, Mumbra, Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA.

107) “In August 2015, I was diagnosed as having Kaposi’s sarcoma, with skin involvement of the feet, and lymph node involvement of the chest. I am undergoing treatment for HIV infection. I commenced Ayurvedic treatment from Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic in November. After 8 months of treatment, most of my symptoms have regressed. ”

AP, 37 years, London, UK.

108) “Being myself affected by Marfan syndrome, and having undergone major surgery to prevent cardiovascular complications, I was highly concerned for my daughter who inherited this condition. We started Ayurvedic treatment from Dr A A Mundewadi to try to minimize long term complications which are associated with Marfan syndrome. Though we were taking treatment irregularly due to personal reasons, I am happy to say that at age 10, after about 10 months of treatment, her local pediatric consultants who review her periodically are happy that all her parameters with respect to ECG, aorta size, bone growth, eyes, and joints are stable for her age. ”

MM, 0 years, London, UK.

109) “My mother aged 57 years was diagnosed as having Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) for which she required transfusion whenever her blood counts dipped. In addition, she also had other complications like chronic kidney failure, hypertension, and severe osteoporosis. We started Ayurvedic treatment form Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic to try to see whether this could help stabilize her blood picture. I am thankful to say that her hemoglobin remained steady between 7-7.5 for nearly 8 months without the need for transfusions. ”

AR, 0 years, Murshidabad, West Bengal, INDIA.

110) “I am a patient of progressive primary multiple sclerosis. I was getting just symptomatic treatment for spasticity. In October 2011, I opted for alternative Ayurvedic treatment since I was told that there was no cure for my condition. After 2 months of treatment, I can now stand for longer periods, my tremor has reduced, and balance also has improved. ”

GG, 49 years, London, UK. Note added by Dr A A Mundewadi: Unfortunately, this patient had severe mood disturbances, and depression, as well as financial issues, which is probably why we did not receive a request for continuation of treatment even though he had improved with the first batch of medicines.

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