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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Scleroderma

Updated: Mar 3

Scleroderma is a medical condition which involves the formation of scar tissue in the skin and connective tissue of different organs of the body. This is an autoimmune disease of the connective tissue and genetic as well as environmental factors are known to play an important role in its occurrence. Scleroderma can be either diffuse or limited; the diffuse type is usually seen in the entire body and involves the internal organs as well as the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The diffuse type of scleroderma is also known as systemic sclerosis. Scleroderma is usually more common in females than in males.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment for Scleroderma is aimed at treating the connective tissue of the skin as well as of the entire body in order to reverse and stop the process of formation of scar tissue. Treatment is also given to improve the immune status of the affected individual, so that the immune system helps in the fight against the disease. Several Ayurvedic herbal medicines have a specific action of removal of sclerosing or scar tissue, and these medicines are used in combination in high doses and for prolonged periods. Scar tissue cells then need to be flushed out from the body and Ayurvedic herbal medicines perform this function by acting on the gastrointestinal system as well as the kidneys.

Ayurvedic herbal immunomodulatory agents are also used in high doses in all individuals affected with Scleroderma. In addition, herbal medicines which have a specific action on the skin, the subcutaneous tissue, the blood tissue, as well as the microcirculation supplying the skin and vital organs, are used in high doses in order to bring about an early remission of this condition. Most individuals affected with generalised Scleroderma or systemic sclerosis require regular and aggressive Ayurvedic herbal treatment for periods ranging from 18 to 24 months, depending upon the severity of the condition. Ayurvedic herbal treatment can bring about a significant improvement in individuals affected with Scleroderma.

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