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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Progressive Cerebellar Ataxia

Progressive cerebellar ataxia is a medical condition involving a degenerative process of the central nervous system which results in a progressive loss of coordination of gait, limb movement, as well as vision, swallowing, and cognition. Genetic causes as well as diseases like multiple sclerosis and alcoholic cerebellar disease are believed to responsible for progressive cerebellar ataxia. Currently, there is no specific modern management for this condition.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment for progressive cerebellar ataxia is aimed at halting the degenerative process of the central nervous system as well as strengthening the nervous system so as to improve the functioning of the nerve cells and the chemical neurotransmitters connecting the nerve synapses. Ayurvedic herbal medicines which have a known and specific action on brain cells as well as nerve cells are used for prolonged periods and in high doses. As a result of these medicines, the affected individual gradually starts noticing improvement in neuromuscular coordination, bodily functions as well as cognition.

While Ayurvedic treatment is mainly in the form of oral medication, supportive localised therapy can also be given in the form of massage of the body with medicated oils, pastes, or powders. Local treatment helps in stimulating the nerve roots as well as muscles and tendons. Additional herbal treatment also needs to be given to improve cognition and memory and since these medicines have a specific action on the brain, they also have a direct and positive action on the entire central nervous system.

Most individuals affected with progressive cerebellar ataxia need regular and aggressive Ayurvedic herbal treatment for periods ranging from six to twelve months in order to significantly benefit from treatment. Ayurvedic herbal treatment can bring about definite improvement in individuals affected with this condition and can significantly improve the quality of life as well as the overall life span of the affected individual.

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