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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Optic Neuritis

Optic neuritis is a medical condition in which the optic nerve gets inflamed, giving rise to symptoms like pain, loss of vision, and loss of color perception. This condition usually occurs in young age and is often seen more in women than in men. Optic neuritis can result from auto-immune conditions like multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica; infections; cranial arteritis; diabetes; and drugs. The loss of vision seen in optic neuritis is usually temporary; however, recurrent attacks of optic neuritis may result in permanent damage and loss of vision.

The modern management of optic neuritis is usually in the form of treatment with steroids in order to reduce the inflammation in the optic nerve. For an isolated attack of optic neuritis, this treatment usually suffices; however, this treatment is unsatisfactory in situations where the optic neuritis recurs. Furthermore, not all people affected with optic neuritis respond to the use of steroids. Ayurvedic herbal treatment can be successfully utilised in the treatment of optic neuritis with very good results.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines which are useful for optic neuritis act on the optic nerve and reduce the inflammation and swelling which is usually seen in optic neuritis. Medicines are also given to control pain. In addition, Ayurvedic medicines are given to strengthen the retina so that loss of color perception and loss of vision can be prevented. Immunomodulatory medicines are also used so that the optic neuritis can be completely treated and further episodes can be completely prevented.

Ayurvedic medicines are also given to boost the general immunity of the body and normalize the immune complex of the body so that the autoimmune reaction in the body can be corrected and concurrent autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis and cranial arteritis, as well as contributory infections can be treated simultaneously. These principles of treatment usually help in treating optic neuritis completely and successfully, as well as preventing recurrence.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment is thus very effective in the successful management of optic neuritis.

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