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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition in which the secretions from the thyroid gland are less than normal due to various causes such as inflammation or destruction of the thyroid gland, deficiency of iodine or iron, and abnormalities in the pituitary or hypothalamus of the brain. Hypothyroidism can cause symptoms such as course and thick skin, weight gain, depression, cold intolerance, constipation, decreased concentration, excessive sleep, and pain and swelling in the body. Hypothyroidism can also cause accumulation of fluid in the heart or lungs. The modern treatment of hypothyroidism consists in supplementing the body with synthetic thyroxin, which controls the symptoms partially, but needs to be taken life-long.

The Ayurvedic herbal treatment for hypothyroidism consists of treating the cause of the disease as well as giving symptomatic treatment. Deficiency of iodine or iron needs to be corrected within the daily dietary intake. Abnormalities of the brain in the pituitary and the hypothalamus need to be properly investigated, after which the appropriate Ayurvedic treatment can be instituted to correct the abnormality. Inflammation of the thyroid gland can be treated with Ayurvedic herbal medicines which reduce inflammation and gradually bring the thyroid gland back to normal.

Simultaneously, Ayurvedic medicines are also given reduce the retention of fluid in the body and gradually increase the metabolism so that symptoms like thick skin, weight gain, depression and swelling and pain in the body disappear, and the body returns to normal. Excess fluid from the body is washed out through the kidneys with the help of Ayurvedic herbal medicines; in addition, toxins from the blood are treated and also flushed out. Medicines which act directly on the thyroid gland and thyroid cells are used, so that the thyroid gland starts functioning normally and smoothly. Normally, treatment is required for a period of eight to twelve months, in which most people affected with hypothyroidism recover completely. Patients who have developed hypothyroidism after the intake of radioactive iodine suffer large-scale destruction of the thyroid gland; individuals with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis also develop hypothyroidism in the long run. In such individuals, treatment may be required with Ayurvedic herbal medicines for a much longer time.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment is thus very effective in the successful management of hypothyroidism.

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