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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Gout

Gout is a medical condition which is usually characterized by attacks of arthritic pain, most commonly seen in the base of the big toe, though other joints like the ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows can also be affected. Alcohol binges, hypertension, obesity, the use of certain medications, and some diseases like hyperthyroidism and leukemia can predispose to gout. Some people may have only the manifestation of high blood levels of uric acid, a condition known hyperuricemia. With other patients, gout symptoms include arthritis, reduced kidney function and kidney stones. The arthritis of gout is characterized by severe pain in the affected joint, redness, swelling and discoloration, and usually results from the deposition of the uric acid crystals in the tissues.

The Ayurvedic herbal treatment for gout consists of giving symptomatic treatment for the symptoms as well as treating the root cause of the disease, which is an excess of uric acid, and which is deposited in abnormal locations. Several Ayurvedic herbal medicines are known to be specific in their action for the treatment and management of gout. These medicines reduce the presence of uric acid in the blood and also flush the uric acid crystals deposited within tissues and joints. These medicines usually remove the uric acid through the kidneys. Medicines are also used which treat the inflammation, swelling, and pain in different joints. Medicines are also given to preserve and repair the kidney function, and to help dissolve kidney stones if present.

It is also important to investigate the affected individual thoroughly in order to diagnose any conditions responsible for high uric acid levels. If present, such medical conditions like hyperthyroidism and leukemia need to be treated. Ayurvedic treatment for gout and its complications usually needs to be continued for about two to four months in order to get complete relief from the condition. Complications like chronic kidney failure may need to be treated for longer periods. Conditions like leukemia need to be treated aggressively for at least six to nine months.

Overall, a judicious use of Ayurvedic Herbal medicines can completely cure gout and prevent its recurrence. Adequate lifestyle changes need to be adopted in order to avoid factors predisposing to gout.

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