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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a medical condition in which there is severe pain in the affected shoulder joint. This medical condition initially involves severe pain and limitation of movement in the shoulder joint, after which the stiffness in the joint increases considerably. This is followed by a stage of thawing, in which the stiffness reduces slightly. While this condition is usually seen in the elderly population, it can also occur in the young or middle aged people. A previous history of trauma or prolonged immobilisation usually contributes to this medical condition.

Frozen shoulder is a medical condition which is quite difficult to treat within the modern system of medicine. The use of anti-inflammatory medicines and pain killers usually gives temporary relief; however, the affected individual continues to suffer from the frozen shoulder syndrome. For patients with severe pain and pronounced immobility, surgery may be the only final option.

Ayurvedic treatment is quite effective in the management of frozen shoulder. Ayurvedic medicines not only reduce pain and inflammation, but they also help to reduce the stiffness of the associated tendons and bring about laxity within the frozen shoulder. Herbal medicines provide strength and mobility to the muscles surrounding the shoulder capsule. Ayurvedic treatment for frozen shoulder is given in the form of oral medication as well as local application of medicated herbal oils, followed by hot fomentation. Treatment is usually required for about four to six months in order to give substantial relief to the individual affected with frozen shoulder.

Ayurvedic treatment can therefore be very effective the management of frozen shoulder.

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