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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Body Odour

Body odour is the unpleasant smell emanating from the body due to excessive sweating. In itself, sweat is odourless; however, bacterial infection of the sweat results in a characteristic unpleasant odour. This is usually present more in males than in females, since men tend to sweat more. Body odour is more likely to come from special body parts such as from the underarms, genital area and from below the breasts.

Management of body odour is usually not a major issue for most individuals. Daily hygiene of the body, including a regular bath, shaving axillary and genital hair, using deodorants sprays and powders, and the regular use of cotton clothes and socks, is usually sufficient to avoid body odour due to sweating. However, some individuals continue to suffer from body odour in spite of observing a daily good hygiene. In addition, certain medical conditions like obesity and diabetes, and the use of spicy food, can result in excessive sweating, thereby resulting in body odour.

Individuals who suffer from excessive sweating and who complain of body odour usually face social embarrassment, and therefore opt for medical treatment of the body odour. The Ayurvedic management for such individuals includes treating infection, reducing sweating, and also controlling stress which can cause excessive sweating. Medicines can be used in the form of local applications, as well as oral medication. Local applications reduce the tendency of excessive sweating, soothe inflamed skin and treat or reduce bacterial infection. Oral medication acts on the nervous system and thereby reduces stress as well as the tendency for excessive sweating. In addition, oral medications also have a soothing action on the skin and help to fight body odour. It is equally important to treat the contributory factors of body odour such as obesity and diabetes. Needless to say, the maintenance of good personal hygiene is a must in the management of body odour.

With proper hygiene and Ayurvedic medication, most people affected with body odour get relief within four to six weeks of treatment. Such individuals can then continue without medication by just following proper hygienic practices and avoiding the risk factors for body odour, such as using spicy food and the intake of red meat and alcohol.

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