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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Baldness (Alopecia)

Baldness or hair loss was initially considered to be clearly age related; however, premature baldness is being seen quite often even in very young men and women, often due to diverse factors such as genetics, diseases, medications, stress, and injury or damage to the hair. Generalised hair loss is known as alopecia, while small and circular bald patches on the scalp are known as alopecia areata. The latter is usually due to immune dysfunction.

Ayurvedic herbal treatment for baldness is aimed at treating the known cause for the condition as well as providing nourishment to the scalp and to the hair follicles. Ayurvedic herbal medicines which are known to act on the skin as well as on the hair tissue are used for several months in order to reduce the rate of hair fall and to increase the growth rate. According to Ayurvedic pathophysiology, hair is considered to be a sub-tissue of the bone and therefore treatment for baldness includes treatment to strengthen the bone tissue as well as to normalise and regulate the metabolism of bone tissue. This treatment is both in the form of oral medication as well as local application of medicated oils on the scalp. Local application is usually done in the form of a light massage of the medicated oil from the base of the neck right up to the forehead once a day, usually at night or about one hour prior to taking a bath.

In addition to treating known causes for hair loss such as disease, injury and damage to hair and the use of medications, it is very important to treat chronic stress which is not usually reported by the affected individual and can cause several insidious symptoms in addition to premature hair loss. The addition of herbal anti-stress medication to other treatment for baldness brings about very fast improvement and hair fall reduces noticeably in a short period. Most individuals require treatment for periods ranging from 4to 8 months, at the end of which affected individuals report a growth of thick and luxuriant hair. It is equally important to maintain a good and healthy as well as balanced diet, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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