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Ayurvedic herbal treatment for dengue fever

Updated: Mar 28

Dengue fever is a type of fever caused by a mosquito bite that transmits the dengue virus. This fever is characterized by high temperature, severe body aches, vomiting and skin rash. This fever usually subsides after standard treatment with painkillers and antipyretic drugs. Intravenous for more severe manifestations of fever Fluid application is required, after which the fever eases quickly. Dengue fever is a manifested dengue, known as hemorrhagic jaundice (dismining in travascular coagulation ICC). This causes normal bleeding in the body and you can too.

Ayurvedic management of dengue fever gives symptomatic treatment of all the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines for fever usually reduce skin rashes and burns on the body. Additional treatment is required for the treatment of acute pain in the body, which is usually characteristic of this fever. Other symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea Must be treated separately. Treatment of diffuse intravascular clotting should be done aggressively to prevent illness and death from this condition. Bleeding is usually caused by thickening of the blood vessels and small capillaries throughout the body. This inflammation can be controlled by using high doses of Ayurvedic herbal medicine, which is fast Works and thus prevents or reduces bleeding inside the body. Blood therapy also reduces toxins present in the blood and thus prevents further complications.

As mentioned earlier, dengue is on the rise, this law should be introduced as soon as possible and the person should not be kept under control. Time to solve problems and prevent complications.

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