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Ayurvedic herbal treatment for causalgia (CRPS)

Updated: Apr 11

Causalgia is also known as complex regional pain syndrome or reflex sympathetic dyspnea syndrome. This is a chronic, progressive, and interactive condition that is severe and severe, and completely out of severity. This condition affects the whole limb of the individual, which affects the color and the effect, the criteria and the committee with the burning administration.There is rest, sweating and swelling. The effect of a passive sympathetic nervous system or a disrupted immune system are two wars that come to the council member for causalgia.

Use of Ayurvedic herbal remedies for this condition, treatment of symptoms for swelling and burning.Giving as well as treating the root cause of the condition. Hence Ayurvedic herbal medicines are used which target the sympathetic nervous system and also bring immunomodulation in the affected person. Herbal medicines that relieve inflammation and repair damage to nerve cells are useful in this condition, as well as medicines that strengthen the nervous system. AyurvedicHerbal medicines that improve the blood supply to damaged nerves are also important and are used to manage this condition.

Ayurvedic herbal immunomodulatory agents are also widely used in causal treatments to enhance the immune system of the affected person, reduce treatment time and treat symptoms as early as possible.J is useful. Immunomodulatory agents cause an initial reduction in pain, inflammation and damage to the limbs as well as the nerves supplying the affected limbs.

Oral medications can also be supplemented with topical therapies in the form of anti-inflammatory and soothing ointments, pastes and medicated oils. This can be followed by medicated steam fomentation, which brings initial control over pain and swelling.

Depending upon the severity, CRPS requires treatment for about 4-6 months for a complete resolution of all symptoms. Ayurvedic herbal remedies are thus very useful in causalgia treatment.

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