• Dr A A Mundewadi

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment of Appendicitis

Appendicitis is infection and inflammation of the appendix, which is a rudimentary part of the intestines. In the initial phase of inflammation, the appendix is very friable, that is, it can rupture easily. In this stage, it is advisable to admit the patient to a surgical hospital for close observation and treatment, and surgery if necessary. Once this acute stage passes of, Ayurvedic medicines can be commenced to help resolve the mass.

Ayurvedic treatment for appendicitis is aimed at treating the infection, helping the inflammation subside, and dissolving the lump. The herbal medicines useful for this have special properties to not only control the infection, but to improve the blood supply to the appendix, without causing any harm to the organ. This helps in detoxifying the mass, as well clearing the debris from the area. The appendicular lump thus starts dissolving slowly, and the appendix heals completely over time.

The advantage of this type of treatment is that the appendicitis can be cured completely, so that further episodes of infection and inflammation are prevented. This is especially useful in patients with appendicitis, who cannot be operated upon, or who have recurrent episodes. Ayurvedic treatment is usually given for three months, after which people with two or three recurrent episodes have been symptom-free since the last fifteen to twenty years. While this treatment has also been successfully used in patients with severe and acute infection of the appendix, this is not routinely recommended because of the potential risk of perforation, and its resulting complications.

Judiciously used, Ayurvedic treatment can thus prove to be a boon for patients who experience the painful and often frustrating episodes of recurrent appendicitis.

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